Our agribusiness programme covers all business disciplines so that students will be able to apply business concepts to agribusiness and allied industries. The course provides good theoretical and practical content dealing with whole business operations from production to marketing. As a result, the program offers training on the application of marketing, management, finance and economics to address agribusiness management problems. Our B.Sc. programme in Agribusiness is meant for individuals seeking managerial-level careers in agribusiness, food, financial, agriculture and allied sectors.

Admission Requirement

SSSCE/WASSCE Applicants for B.Sc. Agribusiness

To be admitted to B.Sc. Agribusiness programme, SSSCE/WASSCE candidates must possess credits (A-D) and (A1-C6) in 3 core subjects respectively, including English, Core Mathematics and integrated Science (for General Science and Agriculture candidates) or Social Studies (for non-Science Candidates) and three elective subjects in General Science, Technical, Agricultural Science, Home Economics, Visual Arts, General Arts and Business. In addition, Science candidates should have at least a grade D or C6 in Social Studies and non-science candidates should also have at least a grade D or C6 in Integrated Science for SSSCE and WASSCE applicants respectively.


Diploma and Post-Diploma Applicants for B.Sc. Agribusiness

Candidates in this category must:

  • Possess a professional or Higher National Diploma (HND) or its equivalence in a relevant programme from a recognised institution
  • Pass an interview;
  • Have two years post qualification working experience;

Candidates with HND/relevant professional or Diploma certificates who obtained 2nd Class lower and above will enter at level 300.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the agribusiness programme enjoy a great range of employment opportunities as many have developed businesses or careers in exporting of agricultural commodities, international marketing, farm and development project consulting, project monitoring and evaluation, banking and microfinancing, farm business management, agribusiness operations managerial jobs, multinational agribusinesses, supply chains and as agripreneurs. Graduates of agribusiness are also highly sought after in NGOs working in agriculture and allied sectors, ministries, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Ghana Cocoa Board, commercial fish farms, private farms (crops and animals), mining companies and agro-processing industries.