The Human Resources Division (HRD) of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) has organized a workshop for Staff of UENR Basic School (UBS) on the theme: “Developing Your Career in A Dynamic and Competitive Environment-Improving Teaching and Learning Skills.” The workshop which was attended by both the teaching and non-teaching staff was to equip them on better ways of teaching and learning as professionals in the classroom.

The Headmistress of the School, Mrs. Janet Asare in her welcome address said it was the desire of management to produce good students at the foundation level and therefore the training workshop, the second of its kind was being organized to help shape the knowledge and teaching skills of teachers towards achieving the vision of the School. Mrs. Asare tasked the staff to take advantage of the training to upgrade their knowledge to be better teachers and attendants in the school.

An Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Languages and General Studies in UENR, Mr. Kwasi Sarfo speaking on the topic: Importance of reading in Ghanaian Languages and teaching in the Mother tongue, said the letters, sound and words in Ghanaian Language use the same tone that makes teaching and learning in the language easier for pupils. He again stated that in order to achieve literacy standard and milestone, it was necessary to teach in local language adding that, the Ghanaian Language Policy was implemented to ensure that Ghanaian Language was used as a medium of instruction in the acquisition of literacy skills among Ghanaian Primary and Secondary students.

Mr. Sarfo indicated that the role of the teaching staff was to improve the pupil’s reading and writing skills. He advised the participants that as educators, they need to change the poor reading habit of their students since reading helps broaden the minds of children.
A facilitator and Assistant Lecturer at UENR, Mrs. Cecilia Agyeiwah Agyeman in a presentation during a group session took the teachers through how to write lesson notes. She said lesson planning was key to effective teaching, which needed enough time to get it well done.

Mrs. Agyemang urged the teachers to work as professionals and impact the pupils who would grow to appreciate their efforts in training them. “Don’t just work and write lesson note because the Headteacher demands for it but plan and write lesson notes as good teachers for your students.” She said.
Speaking to the non-teaching staff of the School on the topic: Personal, Kitchen and food hygiene, A lecturer at the Department of Hospitality and Ecotourism, Mrs. Mildred Nuong Dery advised the staff to adhere to good hygiene practices in all areas of their duties in order to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases. She recommended that, the participants should purchase food stuff that has less chemical adulteration, keep all food items clean and safe from germs as well as bacteria.

The Lecturer called on the School of Agriculture and Technology to supply UBS with healthy food stuff at a lower price in the near future.