The American Chemical Society (ACS), UENR students’ chapter has been inaugurated at the University’s main campus on November 1st, 2019. This was done after successfully undergoing the procedure to register new student unions in the University, making it the first chapter in Ghana and thereby being recorgnised by the Council of the American Chemical Society.

The Faculty Advisor of the society, Ishmaila Emahi, PhD, in statement said the ACS is the World’s largest scientific society with current membership of over 150,000 spanning across more than 140 countries worldwide. He added that ASC has several students’ chapters across the globe, including Nigeria and Egypt.

Dr Emahi further mentioned some opportunities that were accompanied with the establishment of the ACS─UENR. According to him, the society seeks to bring travel grants to enable student-members and Lecturers to attend annual general meetings of the ACS in the USA, selecting Ghana and UENR to host one of the ACS’ annual World Chemistry Festival and to subsidise membership fees for students and professionals in Ghana who express interest to join the society. Dr Emahi declared that membership to the ACS─UENR is opened to all students pursing degree programmes in Chemistry and related areas in UENR.