The Director of International Relations at Ecole Nationale d’ingenieurs de Metz(ENIM), Prof. Kondo Hloindo Adjallah has paid a working visit to the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR).

As part of the visit, a discussion was held with the delegate on issues arising from the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) existing between the two Institutions. The MOU which was signed in 2015 was to develop academic and educational co-operation on the basis of equality and exchange of ideas to promote sustainable partnerships and mutual agreement between UENR and ENIM.

Prof. Adjallah admitted that the exchange programme faced challenges since that was the first of its kind and called for measures to be put in place to address them. He however said their university was willing to provide international academic exposure to the students of UENR adding that beneficiaries were being taken through shorts courses that would fast track their ability to speak French fluently to help them effectively undertake their programmes of study. He said Universite de Lorraine required foreign students to have at least a level of B1 certificate in French to enable them enroll into the programmes offered.

The Dean of School of Sciences, Professor Felix Adekoya Adebayor who stood in for the Vice-Chancellor expressed appreciation to the partner University and lauded the relationship that existed between the two Universities. He called on ENIM to extend the two weeks French shorts courses organized for beneficiaries to at least three months.

The Registrar Mr. Solomon Panford assured that management would give the necessary support to ensure the sustenance of the relationship between the two institutions. He was of the view that beneficiaries of the programme should return and impact knowledge gained towards the development of the University.

Looking at the way forward the success of the programme, it was comprehended that the MOU needed to be revised for better understanding and structuring of the programme due to the merging of ENIM and Lorraine University as one institution which were different entities as at the time of agreement.  There was also the need to extend the potential benefit and responsibility of both parties to provide the needed logistics and support for beneficiaries.

Present at the meeting were the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Thomas Atta-Darkwah, Miss Elsie Mark-Anthony, Senior Administrative Assistant, Dr. Francis Attiogbe Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Magdalene Mensah at the Department of Languages and General Studies.