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UENR – School of Science

The School of Sciences at UENR provides first class, cutting edge education that offers students the opportunity to discover and fulfill their potentials in various fields of science. The School of Sciences is poised to prepare students for careers in a rapidly changing national and international market. The School of Sciences, in line with the University’s vision and mission, shall at all time provide an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional curriculum that is capable of infusing into students the skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship.

The modern world economy has been shaped by scientific and technological advancement, resulting in the emergence of the Knowledge Economy. No country has been able to modernize its economy without reliance on scientific and technological inputs on a massive scale. The importance of science and technology as the main tool for economic and social development has been stressed in several major world forums and documents.

The government of Ghana has recognized the weak Science and Technology governance structure of Ghana as a major obstacle to successful entrepreneurship. Ghana needs to rapidly train and create the critical mass of scientists and technologists to enable her provide and manage emerging industries and take full advantage of the global technological explosion with the required human capital. The country needs to modernize and re-equip existing scientific, technological and industrial establishments to meet current challenges and cope with current and future global trends.

  • Basic and Applied Biology
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Computer Science & Informatics
  • Mathematics & Statistics