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EORIC is collaborating with the Global Change Research Institute(CzechGlobe) to measure carbon fluxes in West-Africa.
The COSMIC-2 Program, a joint international program between NOAA-USA & NSPO-Tawian has established a groundstation in UENR to support the COSMIC-2 Mission. This infrastructure is being managed by EORIC and our partners,ATLAS Space Operations in the US.
The EO Laboratory of EORIC provides data analysis solutions as well as GIS and remote sensing trainings. The datasets available include: MODIS, VIIRS,NOAA etc
The Earth Observation System (EOS) and the GEONETCast System provides a wide range of satellite data, which is fed into an Advanced Fire Information System to provide near realtime detection of wild fires. This is been done with our partners, CSIR-Meraka in South Africa.
A GNSS-Reference station has been installed to help gather data to support global atmospheric research activities. This is in relation to the COSMIC-2 program and is faciliated by EORIC-Ghana and UCAR-USA.
We provide consultancy and training in High Performance Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Algorithm Optimizations, Large Data Processing etc.
EORIC Satellite Operations manages and maintains four (4) satellite ground station antennas for the acquisition of remote sensing and earth observation data for research and education.We also provide hosting services
Unmanned Aerial Systems for Precesion agriculture. We also provide consultancy and training in the flying and use of drones.
We use the wrf model and data from Automatic Weather Station and COSMIC-2 Program for numerical weather predictions.
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