MSc/PhD Environmental Engineering Management


The University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) is a public-funded national institution established by an Act of Parliament, Act 830 in December 2011 to provide leadership in science, technology and management of energy and natural resources and be a Centre of excellence in these critical areas. The efficient harnessing and management of energy and natural resources are critical for attaining a nation’s sustainable development agenda. The future survival of nations will, in part, be dependent on their capacity to efficiently plan and manage the environment. The quality and quantity of trained personnel with the capacity to engineer solutions for the sustainable management of the environment is currently not available. As part of providing quality education, the University will provide an environment for training students with a high sense of professionalism, committed to problem-solving, active in community partnership and who approach their work with integrity.


The University seeks to produce experts and provide cutting-edge research to support Ghana’s development. For example, the Ministry of Local Government is seeking Environmental Engineers to manage the Sanitation Challenges across the country. Currently, the Ministry uses Health Scientist and Environmental Scientist who lack the requisite engineering and Management skills necessary to address the Sanitation Challenges of the Country. This program is therefore tailored to produce the needed expertise to address among other things the challenge in managing our waste sustainably. Presently, there is lack of such expertise in the country.


The program is aligned with UENR mission which seeks “to promote the development of human resources and skills required to solve critical energy and natural resources challenges of society and undertake interdisciplinary academic, research, and outreach programmes in engineering, science, economics and environmental policy”.

Moreover it is also aligned with the aims of the University which include the following:

  • provide higher education in science, technology and sustainable harnessing and management of energy and natural resources through teaching and research;
  • provide technical and other skills services and contribute to improving the management and use of Ghana’s energy and natural resources;
  • provide leadership and be a role model institution, promoting the design and construction of energy-efficient buildings and create eco-friendly environments;

Philosophy and Objectives of the Programme

The environmental engineering and sustainable management postgraduate degree programme has been designed for students wishing to enhance their career prospects in environmental engineering and management. The program aims to provide advanced training for both engineers and scientists concerned with protecting the environment and human health through the provision of services such as water supply, wastewater treatment and municipal solid waste and hazardous waste management. The programme also addresses resource recovery from waste materials.

Our society has major challenges in managing a changing climate, developing and securing good water quality, developing systems for recycling materials and nutrients, and developing renewable and environmentally smart energy solutions. The needs for environmental engineering expertise are therefore almost endless, and the labor market is very diverse.

Students will be able to work privately and publicly – in environmental consultancies, with contractors, energy companies or government agencies; internationally, nationally or locally. Some students may take the path of research to enter into academia.


This programme is designed for graduate and undergraduates of environmental, chemical and civil engineering, professionals with industrial experience, as well as those interested in pursuing PhD and entering academia as a career. Also, those with degrees in other branches of engineering, natural sciences, earth sciences and other disciplines with interest in Environmental Engineering.