Welcome to the Department of Environmental Management

The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is under the School of Natural Resources. The mission of DEM is to build competence and promote teaching, research and outreach programmes that address critical issues in the area of land reclamation and restoration practices, fire and disaster management, sustainable management of environment, water and mineral resources.



Name Qualification Designation Area of Specialisation
Dr. Fred Owusu Р Ansah PhD (SUNY-ESF, USA) MPhil (UG) BSc. (UG) Lecturer Environmental Mgt and Policy; Water and Wetland Resources Mgt; Risk Perception, Entomology
Mr. Paul K. Nsiah MSc., BSc (KNUST) Lecturer Environmental Resources Mgt;  Natural Resource Mgt.
Dr. David Anaafo PhD (Australia)

M.Sc.(Dortmund/ KNUST)


Lecturer/HoD Regional Development; Planning and Management
Dr. Mary Antwi PhD (KNUST),

MSc (Casablanca) BSc (KNUST)

Lecturer Soil Science; GIS and Land Management; Geodetic Engineering
Mr. Benjamin O. Carlis- Paittoo MSc (KNUST) MA, MSc (UCC) Assistant Lecturer Public Health; Fire Science; Disaster Mgt Forensic Audit
Mr. Thomas Agyei MSc. (Finland) B.Ed (UEW) Assistant Lecturer Environmental Biology; Biological Sciences
Mr. Alex Amerh Agbeshie M.Phil (KNUST) B.Sc (UDS) Lecturer Soil Science; Agronomy; Agriculture Technology