Welcome to the Department of Fisheries and Water Resources

The Department of Fisheries and Water Resources currently offers a BSc. Natural Resources degree programme specializing in Fisheries and Aquaculture. The emphasis of the programme is on aquaculture; however, other aspects of fisheries courses are well catered for, thereby making our students very versatile in both capture fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

This programme aims at creating the enabling environment for students to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills for fish culture and sustainable management of the fishery resources for the benefit of the country. In addition, it will provide sound scientific and technological basis for fisheries policies and management strategies to be integrated into national goals.



Name Qualification Designation Area of Specialisation
Mr. George Intsiful BSc, MPhil, Dip Ed.
(Cape Coast)
Lecturer Marine Ecology, Fishery Biology, Aquaculture,
Dr. Peter Osam Sanful B.Sc (KNUST), PhD (KNUST) Lecturer Limnology, Fish Ecology, Conservation Ecology
Mr. Amos Asase MPhil (UG), BSc (UG) Assistant Lecturer Capture and culture fisheries management
Asiedu Berchie PhD (UG) Senior Lecturer/HoD