The Department of Ecotourism, Recreation and Hospitality is among the four departments of the School of Natural Resources. The Department seeks to produce graduates capable of working either as employees or as entrepreneurs in the tourism sector that has over the last two decades moved from sidelines to the centre stage of Ghana’s economic policy.

Graduates from the Department are equipped with strong and vibrant leadership skills to manage ecotourism prospects of the country and manage the hospitality sector of the tourism industry, to meet the increasing demand for recreation, tourism, biodiversity conservation and green species. The Department offers and prepares students for a four-year degree, leading to the award of BSc. Natural Resources Management (Ecotourism option), BSc. Wildlife and Range Management, BSc. Hospitality Management (Regular & Weekend) and Dipl. Hospitality Management.

  • Awarded small grant from Rufford Foundation to study the distribution, and abundance of vulnerable African White-bullied Pangolin (Phataginustricuspis) in Asukese Forest Reserve, Brong Ahafo Region.
  • Departmental participation in a conference (Transforming hospitality and tourism education: Collaboration with stakeholder) organized by the Institute of Hospitality, Ghana, at Ho Technical University, 15th-17th November, 2018.
  • Gained logistical support from Coca Cola Ghana Limited to operate a snack bar on campus.
  • Developed BSc. Tourism and Event Management for accreditation.
  • MPhil/MSc. Nature Conservation and Rural Development is being developed.
  • Initiated Faculty Exchange Programme with the ZENAT Centre for Sustainable Tourism, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.
  • Organized weekly food bazaar event in the university community to promote the Hospitality Programme and showcase ethnic cuisine in Ghana. It was also intended to generate revenue to support Business Start-up Fund for students who demonstrate entrepreneurial qualities.
  • Developed Ecowild Research and Training Centre to provide capacity building and seek small grants for wildlife research (see
  • Developed a database of the Student Alumni for the purpose of informing and updating them on the programmes and activities of the Department.
  • Strengthened the Department-Hospitality Industry relationship. This resulted in the organization of a guest lecture series in which successful personalities and practitioners in the hospitality sector in Sunyani shared entrepreneurial experiences with students and staff of the department. Also, the department celebrated 2018 Brong Ahafo Region Tourism Awards and Chocolate Day with Ghana Tourism Authority.
  • The Department in the near future intends to mount MPhil/MSc Nature Conservation and Rural Development and MPhil/MSc. Hospitality Management
  • Developing a training centre and short courses (with Ghana Tourism Authority) to build capacity of the employees in Tourism and Hospitality Sector.

There are two Senior lecturers, six Lecturers, one Assistant Lecturer and one Technician in the Department. Their names and qualifications are given below.