The Department of Chemical Science offers a 4-year degree programme leading to the award of BSc degree in Chemistry. The programme aims at preparing students for future careers in the various fields in which a core understanding of the chemical processes is important. The four-year Bachelor of Science in Chemistry programme was introduced during the 2014/2015 academic year with the aim of preparing students for future careers in scientific disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, medicinal chemistry, biomedical sciences, biotechnology, environmental sciences, as well as the various health-related disciplines such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine in which a core understanding of chemical processes is important.

<p “text-align:justify”=””>The programme, designed to employ practical and theoretical knowledge that meet the requisite demands of research institutes, academic institutions and relevant industries, graduated its first batch of students in August, 2018.  

  • The Department successfully graduated its first batch of students for the BSc Chemistry programme.
  • The Department also developed and submitted to NCTE & NAB for approval, a proposed BSc Biochemistry programme.
  • A developed proposal for the commencement of MPhil Chemistry programme is under consideration by the Postgraduate Committee of the School of Sciences.
  • The Department also boasts of relationships with some academic institutions and various relevant industries including KNUST, CSIR, TOR, GHACEM, GSA, GWCL, ENTRANCE Pharmaceuticals, just to mention a few, where students embark on a compulsory 4 months industrial attachment.
  • During the year under review, the UENR Chapter of the Students’ Chemical Society hosted the Society’s National Seat. The 20th Annual National Conference doubling as the 30th Anniversary of the society was also hosted by UENR local. This conference brought together chemistry students and some teaching staff of the main public Universities in Ghana. The department played a critical role in these endeavors.

The Department intends to mount the following programmes in the future:


  • Biochemistry
  • Physics


  • MPhil Chemistry (major: Bioanalytical, Environmental, Material Science, Polymer)
  • PhD Chemistry