The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers 4-year degree programmes leading to the award of BSc degrees in Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science. The programmes aim at producing graduates capable of using mathematical tools to solve industrial, societal and environmental problems. The Department aims at collaborating with the Schools of Engineering and Natural Resources to provide sustainable solutions to the energy, environmental and natural resources challenges of Ghana. The Department has introduced two diploma programmes in Insurance and Statistics. The Department is currently running an M. Phil programme in Applied Mathematics.

The Department is about to start Postgraduate programme in Statistics leading to the award of Master of Science (MSc), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. The durations of the Masters’ programmes are two years (full time) and three years (part time) and that of the PhD programmes would be three years on full time basis and five year for part time candidates.

Student Statistics/Population

The first batch of fifty-four (54) students were matriculated and admitted into the Department in October, 2013. The second batch of hundred and thirty (130) students were admitted and brought to the Department in October, 2014. In October 2015 another batch of eighty-one (81) were admitted into the Department.  A total of forty-four (44) students were admitted to the department in 2016. Currently the student population at the Departments stands at 309. The table below provides detailed information on the number of male and female students at the Department.


Level Male Female Total
100 87 32 119
200 66 19 85
300 37 9 46
400 67 16 83
Total 262 47 333

Apart from the programmes offered by the Department, the Department is responsible for servicing all the Mathematics courses offered by other bachelor degrees at the University.  The Department has profited immensely from the University’s pragmatic staff development policy. Most of the Assistant Lecturers who are Masters’ degree holders at the   Department have enrolled in PhD programmes some in Ghanaian and others in foreign Universities.

The Department organized a day’s workshop to sensitize students on the need to study mathematical sciences. At this programme, an official from AIMS Ghana delivered the keynote address.

Plans are underway to start weekend undergraduate programmes in Mathematics Statistics, and diploma in Insurance.